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Thrifted Jeans

Before reading I’m just stating the obvious: This is not my body right now.

I use to not bother looking at jeans when I went to Goodwill, but since they started hanging them like this (at least in Indiana), it makes it so much easier. I can see the brands now, and by my age I know what brands and cuts look best on me. Yes, 4 racks of jeans can be overwhelming, but so worth it when you find a pair. The jeans in Indiana are $6.99 so a little hunting for a great pair is totally worth it!

Thrifted Gap Perfect Boot. They currently sell them for $69


Thrifted Express Jeans. Express jeans can run from $79-$118


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There’s not much else to say about how I feel these days except LARGE!!!!! I have 7 weeks left and she can not come soon enough!!!!!

Dress:(Old Navy), Flip flops:(Loft), Sunglasses:(Goodwill), Purse:(Coach, I bought it on my local Facebook purse page!!!!)

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We have 2 more months until this sweet little girl joins our family, so I’m trying not to buy anything new. I’ve tried to add bright accessories to very basic outfits. I’ve been doing a great deal of nesting lately, probably because I’m not buying clothes. Hopefully all projects will be done by the end of the week so I can share!

Tank, necklace,:(Old Navy), Cut off Jeans:(Old Navy via Goodwill), Bag:(Gap old)

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In My Face!

Sorry its been a while. Wrapping up the school year is not an easy feat, but my summer has officially arrived!!!!

On another note the baby weight has moved into my face….hooray (not really). I am done with my second trimester so the end is in sight!!! 

Shirt:(F21), Maternity jeans:(Old Navy), Purse:(Goodwill), Shoes:(Steve Madden via Tj Maxx)

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